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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A lot to write about 10K Finished

Well I've had quite the week. I have been training for the 10K that I ran today. I've been doing 6.3 or more 3 times last week and then I did 2.63 on Monday and got Sick. I was extremely frustrated this week. One I do not get sick and Two I wanted to run a little at the beginning of the week and rest the last two days of the week. Instead I rested Tues.-Fri. The atmosphere was electric today. I did see a few people that I recognized, but a lot of new faces. Happens when you are at your first race and you didn't know all these people ran. Since I have never been a "runner" in my life until the start of this summer. Well let's say I started my journey at the beginning of the summer and I can actually call my self a "runner" since I completed a race AND I was upset that I didn't get to run the first of the week. I'm excited that I'm feeling better and get to run next week. I'm going to sign up for another 5K next weekend. I am a feeling a little strange that I have developed this attitude toward running. :-) Oh back to the Race..... I finished 38th overall out of 66 runners for the 10K. I had a 10:21 mm pace. 1:04:09 time. I am looking forward to continuing this quest to get to the next level of running. I look forward to training up to a Half Marathon then on to a Marathon. I hope to get faster than the 10:21. I believe that will increase if I can lose more weight. I'm stuck at 207 because I'm not being as agressive with my diet as I had been. Plus this week I've been eating above my calorie budget to try and get well. Peanut butter is not my friend! Well I better publish this and hopefully I'll be more diligent in blogging my progress weekly.

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